Sedahan Beach Tourist Attractions

Basically, Gunung Kidul Regency is an area whose territory is dominated by mountains which are included in the South Limestone Mountains or Sewu Mountains. That's why this district has a number of tourist attractions in the form of waterfalls, forests and hills.

However, because this district also borders the Indian Ocean in the south, Gunung Kidul has a series of tourist attractions in the form of beaches. Of the many beach attractions in this district, one of them is called Sedahan Beach.

Sedahan Beach Tourist Attractions whose Locations are Hidden
Sedahan Beach is not a famous beach like Indrayanti Beach, Timang Beach and other famous beaches. However, the beauty of this beach is quite special so it is very fitting if it is used as a destination during the upcoming vacation.
Sedahan Beach has not been visited by many tourists, especially during weekdays. The location of this beach itself is quite hidden so that to get there you have to spend a little energy. Here are some other attractions that are owned by Sedahan Beach.

Long and Broad Coastline
Sedahan Beach is one of the beaches belonging to Gunung Kidul Regency which has a fairly long and wide coastline. The sand is also fine. That's why this beach is suitable as a playground.
However, whatever game you play here, please be careful, because the waves are quite strong, typical of the southern sea. Likewise if you want to swim. Try not to be too far from the mainland. Worried about being swept away.

Beautiful view
Just like other beaches, here visitors can enjoy a view of the sea which is so blue and clean. On both sides of the beach, there are coral cliffs flanking the beach and its position is slightly protruding into the sea.

The cliff is overgrown by wild plants so that it looks like a green hill. Visitors can climb one of the existing cliffs to enjoy the wider beauty of the sea. There was already a path leading there, but one had to walk with caution.

Turtle Laying Place
Another thing that makes this beach so special is that it is a nesting place for turtles. There are some rare turtles that lay their eggs here. However, every visitor is advised not to take the turtles considering that this one animal is a rare animal that must be protected.

Beach Activities
Sedahan Beach is close to other beach attractions such as Greweng Beach and Wediombo Beach. So every visitor here can do beach activities starting from Sedahan Beach itself.

Great Location for Fishing and Camping
This beach is one of the destinations for people who like fishing. And besides fishing, camping at Sedahan Beach is also a great alternative to enjoy the sea view for a longer time. The good thing is that this activity is done while enjoying the sunset panorama in the afternoon.

However, for this one activity, visitors must bring personal camping equipment, because on this beach there are no supporting facilities for it.

Sedahan Beach Location Close to Other Beaches
The location of Sedahan Beach is in Jepitu Village, Girisubo District, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta. This beach location is close to Jungwok Beach, Wediombo Beach and Greweng Beach.
If the journey starts from the city of Yogyakarta, then you have to cover a distance of about 75 km to get to the location, with an estimated time required of about 2 hours. You can use the Jogja automatic motorbike rental service to get to your destination faster.

Sedahan Beach Access Suitable for Adventurers
To go to this beach, it is recommended to use a motorbike because access is not yet possible for four-wheeled vehicles. Even if you bring a car, then you need to park it in the Wediombo Beach parking lot.