Romantic Sunset in Parangtritis

Parangtritis Beach is located 27 km south of Jogja City and is easily reached by public transportation that operates until 17.00 or private vehicles. The afternoon before sunset is the best time to visit this most famous beach in Yogyakarta. But if you arrive sooner, it never hurts to go up to the Gembirawati Cliff behind this beach. From there we can see the entire area of ??Parangtritis Beach , the southern sea, up to the horizon. Not many people know that to the east of this cliff is hidden a temple ruin. Unlike other temples located in mountainous areas, Gembirawati Temple is only a few hundred meters from the lips of Parangtritis Beach. To get to this temple, we can pass the uphill road near the Queen of the South Hotel and then enter the path to the west for about 100 meters. The faint rumbling of the fierce southern ocean waves can be heard from this temple. When the sun is tilting to the west and the weather is clear, it's time to have fun. Although visitors are prohibited from swimming, Parangtritis Beach has no shortage of facilities for having fun. On the beach there is an ATV (All-terrain Vehicle) rental, the fare is around Rp. 50,000 - 100,000 per half hour. Put the gear in then release the clutch while pulling the gas. Brrrrooom, this 4-wheeled all-terrain motorbike will blast you through the sand dunes of the beach.